Friday, June 18, 2010

Oh my

Well The world is turned upside down and sideways. I am seeing my friends on a normal bases again. I am also slowly learning about a life I've never really heard of. Well I've known about it my friend doesnt' have the best home life. She lives with her grandma and grandpa for several reasons I won't go into. I feel really bad for her she cuts well used to she promised her guy she wont. :( I really hope she gets everything together and her dad gets a good job so she can live with him.  sigh what ever. later

Life is good

I just had steak for lunch :) Life is good

Monday, June 14, 2010

So much I could say

There is so much I could say on my blog the Diviner of Myth that I chose not to. It is G rated and I really don't like it but if you swear people yell at you I mean I know swearing isn't good. But really!  Sometimes I really feel that I am outgrowing wizards or at least some of my friends on there. I have so much more in my life then that I am not the best I know I would rather blog about my life rather than my 'adventures' that aren't even 'adventures' I find it redicules.

Add into that we don't really I mean really know each other.  We know probably about a 12th of the person we talk to and that is we ever will!!!!!!!! well I have ranted and feel better thanks to the people who probably don't read this blog.

Friday, May 21, 2010


I have sort of forgoten about this blog I would put more of Tainted up but i only have 6 minutes. for now
I have finnished Chapter 1 of Cilvent Demont and are half way done with Chapter 2.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

More Tainted

Okay here is more of Tainted:
I look up through the canopy of leafs and branches and apples. I close my eyes and stroke my hair like my mom used to. Mom. Tears begin to roll down my face Abigale, Tommy, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa. All taken from me never am i to see them again.
"Let me up please." I hear a voice shout from the ground "Briana?" I wave my hands and the branches creek down so that the voice can get up. I don't open my eyes to see who it is I hear a snake hiss by my ear. I look over Antonio was sitting next to me his forked tough slithering back behind his teeth. "You okay" he asked his glowing serpent eyes filled with concern. I wipe the tears from my face.
"No I am not thank you very much Antonio your father destroyed my LIFE!" i howl glaring at him 
"Well it is not MY fault you decided to show up to my house unannounced when you are forbidden by your parents to see me ever again or at least you where because right now it looks like i am the only friend your sorry undead hide has got!" He hissed indigently. I burst into tears then sobbing hysterically "Oh look Briana I'm sorry okay?" He whispered looking taken aback  the fire leaving his slit eyes. I shake my head and put it into my hands. I feel Antonio shake next to me unsure what to do he places his hand lightly on my back trying very hard to make me feel better which was never what he was good at. I wipe the tears from my eyes hiccuping. "I-I never have seen you cry." Antonio forced out of his lips through the surprise and shock. 

"Never had a need to." I whispered shaking on the branch hiccuping awfully. He stared at the ground which was so far away  his black hair smelled as it always had even when he was a little boy before our family mattered and the battle started between dark powered people and light powered people.  He looked up his face inches from mine his noise smaller than normal people but still it was there. His lips pushed out a bit  just off the middle were is fangs hung and his lower teeth should be but where not. His eye brows connected then one went up. I realized i am staring at him  i turn my head up and look at the moon.  He sighed I hear his large leathery wings shift on his back.

"I have to go soon my father will be angry." He says looking up at the moon

"Well we don't want your daddy getting angry do we tell him i hate him." I snap and jump from the tree leaving my only friend in the world sitting in the tree. I race up to my room fighting back tears.


Friday, April 23, 2010


Tainted that is a new story of mine. Wanna hear part of it okay good:
I look up at nothing the roof of my Aunt Betony's house. I frown i shouldn't be here i should be at my house but no Antonios father was too dumb i should have died why did he taint me.  I wondered for the thousandth time in the last month i have had to spend with my aunt Betony. I suppose being with Betony is better than being with my own family now. Now that i am a taint not a good witch any more, nor am i a vampire. I am a taint nothing more nothing less. I have the powers of a good witch kind beautiful powers to do nothing but good for the good. But i am a vampire blood sucking half dead half alive misfit with fangs and a grudge.

all for now.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sometimes I've seen HIm

This poem was for English class last year:
Sometimes He's not in that empty space. Sometimes he fills it.
Sometimes he's a total stranger. Sometimes i know him like a good friend
I've seen him down on the ground, I've seen him crazy with rage
when i see his true bright smile
All the angles of heaven sing
I've seen him running as fast as he can
 I've seen him slow as a snail
Sometimes he is quiet as death, Sometimes he can't stop laughing.
Any way he looks the same.
my perfect angel