Monday, June 14, 2010

So much I could say

There is so much I could say on my blog the Diviner of Myth that I chose not to. It is G rated and I really don't like it but if you swear people yell at you I mean I know swearing isn't good. But really!  Sometimes I really feel that I am outgrowing wizards or at least some of my friends on there. I have so much more in my life then that I am not the best I know I would rather blog about my life rather than my 'adventures' that aren't even 'adventures' I find it redicules.

Add into that we don't really I mean really know each other.  We know probably about a 12th of the person we talk to and that is we ever will!!!!!!!! well I have ranted and feel better thanks to the people who probably don't read this blog.

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