Friday, April 23, 2010


Tainted that is a new story of mine. Wanna hear part of it okay good:
I look up at nothing the roof of my Aunt Betony's house. I frown i shouldn't be here i should be at my house but no Antonios father was too dumb i should have died why did he taint me.  I wondered for the thousandth time in the last month i have had to spend with my aunt Betony. I suppose being with Betony is better than being with my own family now. Now that i am a taint not a good witch any more, nor am i a vampire. I am a taint nothing more nothing less. I have the powers of a good witch kind beautiful powers to do nothing but good for the good. But i am a vampire blood sucking half dead half alive misfit with fangs and a grudge.

all for now.

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